With only two games remaining in the regular season, here’s a look at where we are, and in some cases, how we got here.


As if there weren’t enough of the usual twists involved in winning game, or reaching the playoffs, this year many of us lost some of the NFL’s best to prolonged healing periods, as well as to season-ending injuries.

All that said, can you imagine what it would be like to select a line-up from this roster?


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For the second year in a row, we thank Doug and the staff at Brewco for making the arrangements to seat all of us again for another upcoming awards party! The time and date of the 2017/18 Awards Party will be:

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Average Points Forced Each Week: 120.48
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 107.03
Points Forced This Season: 1,325.38
League Average Points Forced This Season:
Points Allowed This Season: 1,177.38
Jackson Awards: Two

Despite the fact that all three of the owners in this division are very competitive, this divisional race wound up ending a long time ago. The Juke Box Heroes will take the title of Warden of the North into the 2017 Playoffs less than one month from now. And that will happen even if they go into a two game skid. They currently boast a 13-point weekly average differential, on the positive side of points forced in comparison to points against. To date, this .727% squad was dealt a loss from just three sources: last season’s champ, Tres Equis who slipped by them by 3.18pts; a second loss in a nail-biting close shave to league power-house, Down By The Rivers, who beat them by .88pts; and by a wide margin to Black and Goldmember. It should be noted that although their Points Allowed are the lowest in the league, they rank fourth in Points Forced… and their PF numbers are clearly why they’re sitting at 8-3.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 113.13
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 118.06
Points Forced This Season: 1,244.48
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,298.74
Jackson Awards:

The Little TD Committee has put together a team that’s fraught with talent, but that talent has yielded a lot of uneven play. At a glance, their roster includes the following players and their cumulative point total ranking: Newton (QB: 10th), L. Miller (RB: 14th), D. Johnson (RB: 15th), Jeffery (WR: 19th), Evans (WR: 23rd), Ertz (TE: 3rd) and Carolina (D/ST: 15th). Their Points Forced average is just below the league average by 32pts. Those PF numbers are in the same conversation as the numbers that have been manufactured by:
The Krushers: 1,276.70 (5-6)
Black and Goldmember: 1,276.06 (7-4)
Tres Equis: 1,253.62 ( 5-6)
BhardD: 1,246.86 (5-6)
… and yet, the LTDC’s 1,244.48 only delivered a record of (3-8). So it would seem that thus far this season, the Committee faced a handful of teams that had really good days.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 89.05
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 133.47
Points Forced This Season: 979.56
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,468.20 –  Most points forced on a team this season
Jackson Awards: Zip

Outside of Dalvin Cook, who they lost in Game#3, the Brewsers’ GM felt that the team that they’d drafted wasn’t one that they were happy with. Yet despite the fact that they considered changing their logo to a picture of Martavius Bryant, aka: The poster boy for ‘FAIL-2017’, they’ve still worked hard to improve their station each week. Unfortunately for them, the factors that were in their control resulted in: poor high pick selections from the Wire; confidence in the wrong players despite what appeared to be a great match up for them; and giving up on talented players who were simply in a slump. What also hasn’t helped this club is this factor that was not in their control: the schedule. They played the majority of their opponents on a day that opponent posted bigger numbers than usual. As a result, the Brewsers lead the league in points “allowed” this season. Their current number stands at 1,468.20 points, which is 109.58pts ahead of the next most impacted team. It’s also 191.52pts above the PA current league average! All of that said, the fact that they haven’t forced more than 979.56pts this season is also a woeful blemish on the league’s: Worst. Record. Ever. BUT… they might still win one game this season. And it’s probably safe to say that neither the Juke Box Heroes (WK 12), nor the Little TD Committee (WK 13) want to be the first team to cough up a W to these bastards.



Average Points Forced Each Week: 131.94
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 119.09
Points Forced This Season: 1,451.36 – Ranked 3rd
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,310.06
Jackson Awards: One

Despite being (7-4), it’s been a rough season for this club! NFTDs were dealt three major roster hits this season. The first came their way in Week 6, when they lost Aaron Rodgers to IR. The second surfaced the following week when they lost their other QB, Carson Palmer. The third came by way of the only trade to take place this season. They would up on the wrong end of it due to injury after acquiring DeShaun Watson and Carlos Hyde for Le’Veon Bell. Watson went down shortly after the trade in prior to Week 9. The previous week, Watson manufactured 40.78 points in Houston’s win over Seattle. And recently, they temporarily lost the services of  Tyrod Taylor in Week 11 and had to lean on Eli Manning, who has also had a rough season.

A part from that, this club still has all but clinched a playoff birth and can take the divisional crown even if they finish the regular season with the same record as Black and Goldmember. NFTDs will continue to enjoy the services of Mark Ingram, Latavius Murray, and Hyde on the ground. They also boast the relevant receiving talent of Sanu, Cooks, R. Anderson… and once again, Larry Fitzgerald, now that Stanton has proved that he’s capable of connecting with the talent of #11.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 116.00
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 114.24
Points Forced This Season: 1,276.06 
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,256.66
Jackson Awards: –

Wentz, D. Martin, Fournette, A.J. Green, AP, Fuller, Landry, Watkins and Big Ben are just a few of the reasons that B&G are one of two teams that sit atop of their division, at (7-4)! Last season this team finished in second place in the North Division behind the Tuna Tamers (8-5); a team that is in B&Goldmember’s division once again this season. In the course of putting together the club that they have, B&G dropped two talented players that became worthless commodities; one of which was Pryor, and the other, J. Charles. This is a club that really wanted to believe in O.J. Howard… but, they’ve dropped him – TWICE! They were quick to jump on Adrian Peterson when he became a FA, as well as Will Fuller V and at one time had Marvin Jones in their ranks. Heading into Week 12, this club is once again boasting the type of line-up that could deliver the divisional crown when the smoke clears after Week 13.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 108.63
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 102.89
Points Forced This Season: 1,194.96
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,131.86
Jackson Awards:

Following the loss of Allen Robinson (WK 1), Tyler Eifert (WK 2) and the official loss of Andrew Luck, the Tuna Tamers elected to lean on three additional horse shoes (Brissett, Hilton and Doyle) in hopes of cultivating a different kind of “LUCK” for this organization. And so far, it’s working. They were able to keep Ezekiel Elliott in the lineup for ten weeks, thanks to numerous judgements from appellate courts. Now that he is gone, the Tamers lean on the likes of Melvin Gordon, C.J…… Anderson and Austin Ekeler in the backfield and Stefon Diggs, Evan Engram, Marquis Lee, Danny Amendola, and WR Kenny Stills in their receiving corps. This is a team that still has a shot at the playoffs. But they’ll need to be victorious in Weeks 12 and 13, and conversely, their divisional rivals must fail to win both games in the last two weeks of play.



Average Points Forced Each Week: 136.23
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 123.51
Points Forced This Season: 1,498.58Leads the league
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,358.62
Jackson Awards: Five

Where does one start to toss accolades toward the only team in both Brewco leagues to be positioned at 9-2? Perhaps we can start with the fact that they have won five Jackson Awards! Then again, maybe we can launch into this with word that DBTR leads the league in Points Forced: 1,498.58 – a total that is 221.90 points above the Points Forced League Average of: 1,276.68. We could also start off with their first place in the category of points per game average; that being 136.23. Or there’s the fact that they’ve nearly clinched a first round bye in the playoffs. But hey, no matter where we begin our attempt to sum up what they’ve done this year, the bottom line is this: Thanks to: Brady (QB: 3rd), Goff (QB: 11th), McCaffrey (RB: 13th), Kamara (RB: 7th), A. Brown (WR: 1st), Thielen (WR: 4th), Brate (TE: 11th), the Eagles (D/ST: 6th) and Davante Adams, the only player that has been identified as a Packers’ receiver by Brett Hundley as a GB receiver, DBTR is clearly a force to be reckoned with!!!


Average Points Forced Each Week: 126.12
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 111.63
Points Forced This Season: 1,387.40 – Ranked 3rd
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,227.96
Jackson Awards:

The Citizens are poised to make a run at the Eastern Crown during the last two weeks, as well as landing an official entry into 2017 playoffs. San Carlos ranks 3rd in Points Forced this season, thanks to the work of: Cousins (QB: 4th), L. Bell (RB: 2nd), McCoy (RB: 8th), D. Bryant (WR: 21st), Gronkowski (TE: 2nd), Butker (K: 12th), Jacksonville (D/ST: 1st) as well as D. Parker, and Greg Olsen, who is due to return for this week. Even without Olsen, San Carlos is averaging 126.12 points per game. They’ll use their talent this week to battle Tres Equis, the league champion of 2016, then will rap up the regular season in a fitting way when they battle the divisional champion, Down By The Rivers, in Week 13.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 113.96
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 116.59
Points Forced This Season: 1,253.62
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,282.58
Jackson Awards: One

After losing Odell Beckham early this season, and seeing bad play out of a few draftees, Tres Equis went through a roster shakeup in effort to point this team in the right direction. Coming into week 12, they have one win and hope to pile two more on top of that to close out the season. If that happens, this club can finish with the same record that they had when they entered the playoffs last season at (7-6). That said, despite the fact that they do have a solid roster, numerous players haven’t lived up to ‘their name’. Among those players we can include the under-performing M. Ryan (QB: 15th) and Matt Forte (RB: 37th). They’ve also been saddled with other issues, such as Blount’s loss of time due to Philly’s acquisition of Ajayi. Then there’s the QB Quandary in Denver that has affected Tres Equis’ Emmanuel Sanders. They’ve also had to dealt with the hot and cold flow of Seattle receivers Richardson and Lockett. On the flip side, Jordan Howard (RB: 12th), Rudolph (TE: 8th), and the Los Angeles Rams (D/ST: 2nd) have frequently proved that they have their back. And now New England appears to have shown their hand for the first time in some time regarding the green light to feature one of their running backs; Dion Lewis in particular. And Robert Woods’ new digs in L.A. seems to have become the remedy for the low ceiling that he appeared to have in Buffalo. And finally on their roster are two high caliber kickers: Succop (K: 7th) and Tucker (K: 11th).



Average Points Forced Each Week: 116.06
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 112.35
Points Forced This Season: 1,276.70
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,235.88
Jackson Awards: Two

There are two tight divisions in this league. And the BSB West is one of them. Currently tied for 1st place in the West, the Krushers have the edge over BhardD due to the 135.16 – 90.92 win that Special K garnered in Week 10. Thanks to players like: Brees (QB: 10th), Freeman (RB: 18th), M. Thomas (WR:), Hopkins (WR: 2nd), Tate (WR: 8th), Witten (TE: 8th), Lutz (K: 5th) the Krushers also have two Jackson Awards thus far this season. They also have had quality play this season from New England’s latest inter-divisional theft:  WR Chris Hogan, as well as Kelvin Benjamin. However both of these players are currently, ‘Out of Service’, as is the injury-plagued Seattle D/ST. Nevertheless, the Krushers will look to finish the final two games with what they hope to be a victory vs Black and Goldmember (7-4), then vs Tres Equis (5-6) during that match up in week 13.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 113.35
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 114.57
Points Forced This Season: 1,246.86
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,260.36
Jackson Awards: One

The new kid on the block has done some impressive things thus far this season. Despite the shock of losing David Johnson to IR, this club owns the current highest score of the season after posting 195.56pts in Week 7. If no one tops that number, they’ll win one Weekly Jackson Award ($20) as well as the Single Season Jackson Award, of $20. Along with that, BhardD defeated some of the league’s most talented clubs this season, including: the San Carlos Senior Citizens (7-4), and No Fake TDs (7-4). Along with that, they also dealt one of the only two losses to Down By The Rivers (9-2) back in Week 4.  Thanks to the surfacing of a Rams passing attack, Todd Gurley has found the types of running lanes that have allowed him to reach the (RB: 1st) level. Russell Wilson (QB: 1st) and Alex Smith (QB: 6th) are also on this roster, as is Graham (TE: 4th), Gostowski (K: 3rd), Collins, Cooper, Burkhead, T. Montgomery and Tarik Cohen. BhardD (bee-hard-DEE) has the Little TD Committee this week, then will wrap up the season next week vs Black and Goldmember. Their plan is to win both in effort to continue to vie for sole possession of the Western crown.


Average Points Forced Each Week: 107.75
Average Points Allowed Each Week: 119.26
Points Forced This Season: 1,185.26
League Average Points Forced This Season: 1,276.68
Points Allowed This Season: 1,311.92
Jackson Awards: –

Two wins and they might get in. The Bosa Constrictors need to get those two Ws and hope that the Krushers lose their last two games. Then even if they find themselves tied with BhardD at the end of the season, the did beat BhardD 113-99 in Week 5. Their big guns include: Rivers (QB: 7th), Prescott (QB: 9th), D. Murray (RB: 16th) Baldwin (WR: 10th), D. Thomas (WR: 18th), D. Jackson (WR: 34th), Kelce (TE: 1st), and the Chargers (D/ST: 3rd). This week the BC faces the (7-4) No Fake TDs, then will close the regular season vs the (6-5) Tuna Tamers.