Inkster’s print media experience extends back to a time before the launch date of this company. Its founder initially produced logos, brochures, signage, t-shirt art, along with a number of other items at an hourly rate. However, he soon put a policy into play that carries through to this day. Any project that is produced will be based upon one of two payment scales:

If the project will require a fairly extensive amount of creativity, such as for editorial illustrations, logos, publication cover art, websites, [ wedding invitations / custom RSVP packages ], etc, we will offer a flat fee for the project. This is due to the fact that some times creative designs come together quickly, but more often, they require a considerable amount of time and consideration. To that end, Inkster will not request to have their clients pay for all of the creative time that it may take to come up with an idea. Rather than that, we prefer to have you satisfy the cost for the creative idea AFTER we’ve come up with a tailor-made visual.

For projects that involve more labor than time, our bid will be aligned with an hourly rate of $85 (pro rata). Projects that fall under this umbrella include: Site maps, garment art, business cards, brochures, signage, rack cards, white papers, logo restoration work, etc.

We have created some cover art that has been summed up as, “eye-catching” by and for our clients. And we’d enjoy the opportunity to do the same for your future publications as well.

Are you in need of promotional pamphlets, or brochures designed to tie in with your brand? We can match your existing brand, or theme, on both the inside and outside of this marketing tool and have them shipped to you in time for your upcoming trade show, or marketing event.

We can produce the following sign work for horizontal, or for vertical display. We can set you up with banners, sandblasted wood signage and vinyl cut-outs for a variety of substrates such as Plexiglas, metal, wood, magnetic car signage and car windows.

For events like the video game tournament company featured in the image carousel below, we created the company logo, the tournament champion banners, created and ran their website and coordinated the signage to tie in with the event.

We can also provide you with custom engraved, bargain-priced stemware and beer glasses. The latter of which makes an ideal gift, or a functional and decorative award!

Whether you’re interested in a horizontal, or vertical orientation for your card, we charge and hourly rate for this product. Production time has never exceeded one hour, setting the cost of your customized business card at a total of $85.

If you have a single image, or a message that you’d like to have set up as a gift card, we can make that happen on a perfectly weighted paper stock! Anything from a concise single fold card with one image, to a large, multi-paneled message that features hand-drawn comic book-styled artwork!

Do you have a favorite team, be it a non-professional loved one’s team, a college, or pro team that you’d like to set up in your game room? Check in with us! We can put together a well-balanced collage featuring images that you either supply to us, or that we select for your favorite club’s layout.

Your branding is as important to us as it is to you. So because of this, Inkster Graphics will provide you with at least three options for your review, based upon the feedback that we receive from our Logo Design questionnaire. Once your icon is completed, we will provide you with a color and a B&W version of it, in every file type that you will need for that logo’s usage; be it for:

  • The Web
  • Printed Media
  • Signage
  • Embroidery and/or screen print

We can also provide you with a style guide for its usage, based upon the directives that we receive from you.

Is the only version of your logo in raster format? That is, have you been told that your logo cannot be enlarged without facing an extreme loss of resolution? Are the only large copies  your logo bitmapped, or faint? If either of these are the case, we can re-create your logo in vector format. Vector designs can be enlarged to any size, while maintaining the same degree of quality no matter what the size.
For those companies that only have a scanned version of their logo to work from, we can be of aid to them as well. Below is a sample of a label that we re-created for Luck Star Sardines. As you’ll see, we came very close in exacting the same look of their original logo, while providing them with a version that can be used on anything from business cards to bilboards!

Inkster has produced art for garments of all types for over a decade! We are here to create the look that you need for a t-shirt, a cycling jersey, or even a wrestling singlet! We can print and ship your approved design on the type of garment that you need, or supply you with your approved, press-ready design in digital format so that you can forward it to the garment-printing center of your choice.

Inkster is proud of the opportunities that have been afforded to us from those couples that enlisted our services to aid them in the promotion of their special day!!

To date, our clients haven’t requested anything typical of a standard wedding announcement, and we’re okay with that! We’re proud to supply you with announcements that are customized to tenor of Your Day.

And because we know that you have more than enough concerns to manage as that day approaches, rest assured that we will get the approved announcement, RSVP, properly sized envelopes and direction cards (including properly sized envelopes) to you ON TIME.

NOTE: If you reside in Southern California, or a neighboring vicinity, ask us about the package deal that we can make available to you by way of our partnership with a ballroom dance instruction company!!! That company, [ Chassé & Sway ] can assist you with steps to impress your guests, and a routine that will be choreographed to the wedding song of your selection!

For more information as well as the chance to see some of our work, please click [ here ] to visit our Wedding Invitation Packages page!