Inkster Graphics will provide you with the following website services:

• A Customized, Responsive Web Design for $125/page
• Three FREE Industry-Based Images
• A Short, or Long Term Retainer Agreement for Future Website Updates, or…
• A FREE ‘How to Update Your Website’, Step By Step Video

We’ve been in the business of creating websites for nearly a decade. At one time we created sites using Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a fine program that is wired for website publishing. However, we elected to move on to a different means of creating sites because Dreamweaver requires a fair amount of time to learn. And because of this, we realized that the use of this program was actually a disservice to those clients that wanted to perform updates to the site that we built.

And so in 2015, we adopted the use of WordPress, a server-seated program that allows users to update a website from anywhere. And our clients can do so without dealing with:

  • A steep learning curve… or,
  • The need to pay any additional maintenance / update fees to Inkster after the website’s initial publication date.

Inkster will tailor your website to meet your needs in size, company colors and page count. We will add up to three stock images that conform to your business at no extra cost.

We can also:

  • Add an e-commerce system for online purchases
  • Create a tailor made online form that will funnel your requested data to the email address of your choice.
  • Provide you with videos that will help you to perform your own updates as a part of our Web design package.
  • Add image sliders, search field, social media links, and more!

Along with your purchase price of just $125 per page, we will also include a step by step video to help you to easily update your website from any platform, or device, at no extra charge!

Here is a link to the sites that we’ve built since 2008:

The MCAS Miramar Air Show
Chassé & Sway
Walter Schwerin & Associates
Military Guides USA
Help Me Plan My Estate
Walter Schwerin & Associates