The After Party is an event that happens on the Saturday afternoon of Pro Bowl Weekend. That will be the time that the Winner of Season 2018 for this league and for Brewco’s two other leagues (the Draught League and Blood Sweat & Beers) will receive a cash payout of SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS, with the runner-up receiving a payout of $300 and $175 to the owner who finishes in the number three slot. Jackson Award Funds will also be doled out in the form of a $20 Kickback for each of our Weekly High Score Winners… and the balance of the monies paid in will go toward (6) engraved pint glasses for the six teams that made the Playofffs, and for trivia game prizes! This way, everyone still has one last shot a shot at walking away with a little payoff.
… and how cool is THAT?!!