Setting your Roster

You can have as many players of ANY skill position on your roster, provided that you have the enough of each skill position to field a full line-up. (see “Your Lineup” below). So if you want to stock-up on RBs, you can. But you might take a look at your players’ bye weeks during the draft, or when you’re looking over the Waiver Wire. You don’t want to find yourself in a spot where you have two great TEs that happen to have a bye on the same week… like the imbecile in the graph below that found him/herself having to bench Gronk and Witten due to byes.

Another thought is this, you might add the back-up (aka: a “handcuff”) to one of your key RBs who never manages to go a full season without injury. There’s no correct way of doing this, but I personally like the following roster breakdown:

(2) QBs • (4) RBs • (4) WRs • (1) TE • (1) K • (2) D/STs •
(1) Flex Player: Either a RB, a WR, or a TE

Your Lineup

You’ll start 10 of the players from your 15-man roster each week. Your line-up [1] must feature one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one Flex Player (RB, WR, or TE), one Kicker and one Defense/Special Teams Combo. Once you’ve set your line-up and moved those players that don’t have favorable match-ups into the RESERVES category [2], NO CHANGES WILL OCCUR until you select, SUBMIT your lineup [3].

A couple of more notes here…

The gold squares beside players’ names indicates that his game is in progress. The grey ones mean that either their game has yet to be played, that it’s already been played, or that the player’s team is on a bye that week.

Aside form that, you’ll also see that Mike Wallace got a Full Practice (FP), that Santonio Holmes Did Not Practice (DNP) and that all of the players’ names are hyperlinks. Each link will take you to a page that’s devoted to that player, featuring news about him and how he’s fared yardage wise and fantasy points wise versus each of the teams that he’s faced thus far this season.

Lineup Lock Times

Each team’s roster locks at the kickoff time of each individual player’s game (i.e. If you have Adrian Peterson and want to start him on your team, you must submit him as a starter on your My Team page prior to the kickoff of Peterson’s game).